How Resources +Humans Works

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The HR Starter Kit is our foundational product and is available in each of our plans. It’s an extensive online guidebook that covers all of the HR topics which are likely to come up at your company.  

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Once you sign up, you’ll receive immediate access to the HR Starter Kit through your Resources +Humans Dashboard, and can refer back to it as much as you’d like.

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Through the Resources +Humans Dashboard, Premium subscription holders can submit an appointment request for 1-1 phone or video sessions with a Gray Scalable HR consultant.

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The appointments are scheduled as requested, at a mutually agreed upon time. They can cover topics and questions of your choice.


What’s in the HR Starter Kit Guidebook

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HR Starter Kit Guide Samples

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How Consulting Sessions Work

You can schedule sessions in 30 or 60 minute increments. If you would like additional help beyond the consulting hours included in your package you can purchase more time at $50 per half hour.

These sessions are meant to give feedback on something you’re working on, answer questions about HR best practices, and give you support and coaching on issues you’re facing. Below are some common examples of topics we discuss in phone sessions, to give you an idea.

  • A sounding board for perks & benefits you are considering, or for communication questions you have around them

  • Provide guidance on best practices for handling a termination

  • Role play a difficult conversation

  • Give feedback on a performance management plan

  • Discuss different HR tools and give guidance on which ones might be most effective for your organization

  • Talk through how to structure an HR team

The time is yours to use as you wish, but we’ve found sessions are most productive if you bring a specific set of questions or topics. If we think a topic isn’t appropriate for phone sessions we will let you know and discuss other ways we can offer you resources.