Can I download or print the guidebook?

Per our terms & conditions, you may not reproduce, share, or distribute any information from the guidebook or the Resources +Humans dashboard.

Can I switch plans every month?  

You can switch plans at the end of the duration of the plan you choose (month or quarterly). You cannot switch mid-month or quarter.

If I sign up for consulting hours, do we talk on the phone or in person or on video?

All sessions will be conducted through Zoom and be either audio or video calls.

What timezone do you work in?

Call times are generally set to EST but we may adjust availability as needed to meet individual requests.

Are you available for urgent/emergency help?

Generally, no. Most calls need to be scheduled with at least 24 hour notice. If you’re already conducting sessions with a consultant you may be able to email them to get more immediate help, but their ability is not guaranteed.

How soon after I sign up can I schedule a consultation?

You can sign up for a consultation immediately, but consultations are subject to availability and generally take up to 24 hours to schedule.

What can I expect from my calls?

Consulting calls are to provide you with coaching, feedback, and support. You should expect to talk through questions and topics; you may read through a document you’ve created together but the consultant will not create any materials for you.

Can I send over something for you to review during our call?

Yes, we’re happy to look at materials you send over, assuming they are of reasonable length.

What if I need more than 3 hours per month?

You can purchase more time in 30 minute slots as needed.

Who else from my company can talk to you? Or can I have several people on the call?

We can do calls with 2 or even 3 people at a time.

Will I be able to talk to the same consultant each time?

We will do our best to make sure you’re with the same consultant each time but if timelines and availability don’t line up you may speak to a different consultant. You always have the choice to wait and speak with the same person.

Will I get refunded or have my hours roll over if I don't use all 3 hours in a month?

There are no refunds or roll overs on phone sessions.